Catalog of Gas flows in barred galaxy potentials:

D7.1: Catalog of gas and orbit responses to typical potentials of DAGAL network from the People Programme (Marie Curie Actions) of the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme PITN-GA-2011-289313.

Bars are ubiquitous in disc galaxies in the local universe and are the main drivers of the secular evolution phase of galaxies. Bars are responsible for redistributing angular momentum in the galaxy, and for funneling gas to the central regions where it forms discy(pseudo)-bulges, and may create a fuel reservoir for AGN activity.

Here you can find a catalog of different barred galaxy potentials, with information on their gas flows. On the left panel you will find three sections. In each section, the models have all the parameters the same, apart from one. For example in the section of "Axial Ratio", all the parameters of the models are fixed, apart from the axial ratio of the bar, which we increase for each model. If you need a snapshot of the simulations (in RAMSES or other format) please contact me.

For each model we have four different panels:

- An image of the gas response to the potential after 1.49Gyr and with the bar rotated to 45 degrees. By clicking on the image you have access to a video of the simulation.
Velocity field
- The velocity field for that galaxy
Image with slit location
- An image of the gas response to the potential showing the location of the slit.
Density and velocity jump across shock
- The jump caused by the shocks in the gas along a slit.

Here is an example for model 010. The models are as described in Athanassoula 1992a: